City of Brentwood

The City of Brentwood, known as the “City of Warmth,” is a small but growing suburban community located just minutes from downtown St. Louis. Home to more than 8,000 residents, Brentwood’s hometown spirit is felt around every corner—in the beautiful neighborhoods, the charming parks, the well-known shops and restaurants, and at year-round community events. Brentwood schools are outstanding at all levels, and the local economy is strong and diversified. While current-day Brentwood is a dynamic city with a keen eye to the future, it places a high value in the preservation of its historical roots.
The City of Brentwood celebrated its Centennial throughout 2019 with more than 100 events and with pride in its history. Brentwood enters its second century as a thriving community with a focus on making continued progress and building a bright future for its citizens.
Brentwood provides an array of services, including police and fire departments and city-owned and operated residential trash and curbside recycling. Brentwood’s quality housing ranges from single-family homes to condominiums and apartments. With so many beautiful neighborhoods, parks and walking trails, outstanding schools, and top-notch city services, the quality of life in Brentwood is exceptional.
Brentwood is a community with a rich history and a firm commitment to ensuring the city remains vibrant for many years to come. This is evident in the Brentwood Bound plan, which will transform and renew part of the city. You’ll see this exciting transformation take shape over the next few years as Brentwood mitigates flooding along Deer Creek, makes improvements to Manchester Road, and enhances its trails and greenway connections.