Request for Proposal – Fire Station Alerting System

The East Central Dispatch Center (ECDC) is in the process of upgrading their current CAD system.  In conjunction with this upgrade, ECDC wishes to consider; a lease purchasing option and an outright purchase option for a new Fire Station Alerting System to interface with the new CAD System.  The potential vendor for the new CAD System is Motorola and negotiations are currently under way.

ECDC wishes to align the Fire Station Alerting System project to follow the project timeline of the new CAD System.  ECDC requires a turnkey, Internet Protocol (IP) based Fire Station Alerting System that, through the CAD interface, should be able to activate the alerting without Dispatcher intervention.  The system should be capable of expanding services to a minimum of eight (8) municipal fire department that dispatch through ECDC.  All hardware and installation shall be the responsibility of the Proposer.  In addition, the Proposer shall attend a mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting and be required to attend station visits.

If you would like to submit a proposal, click on the image to the right to download a copy of the RFP.

RFP Timeline

February 18, 2021:  Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting

March 4, 2021:  All question due

March 18, 2021:  RFP Closes

March 23, 2021: Notification of short list

April 5 – 8, 2021:  On-site demonstrations

April 13, 2021:  Selection of Proposer

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restriction in the St. Louis area limiting the number who may gather, a second Pre-Bid Meeting may be held on February 19, 2021.

Questions should be directed to:
Paul Jokerst

Questions Received:

01/18/20201 – Working on response